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Set of 3 Jade Eggs
Material: Xiuyan Jade
L Size(L*W):55×33 mm
M Size(L*W):45×30 mm
S Size(L*W):33×22 mm
Color:Light green
1.The Jade Eggs is invaluable for your vaginal health and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.
2.Jade can make the life water and natural water into active water, help improve the body immunity, has excellent health care function to human body.
3.Jade containing the human body needs of selenium, zinc, nickel, copper, cobalt, manganese, magnesiums, calcium and other 30 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body.
4.The elements of the launch of the waves and human cells start waves are the same kind of volatility, with human cells from jade's waves resonance and resonance, make human body tissue more dynamic, and promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, eliminate waste in the body.
5.Xiuyan jade special molecular structure of the launch of the human body can absorb infrared electromagnetic waves, can produce excellent biological effect, namely to improve circulation, stimulate regeneration, the enzyme activity increased, physiological function, strengthen cell phagocytosis and the production of antibodies.
Package Included:
3 x Jade Eggs
1.Manual measuring, please allow 1 ~ 3 cm error,thank you.
2.This product is a natural jade carved by people and each piece of color, shape, texture, thickness is different, please understand.

Set of 3 Jade Eggs/for Women PC Muscle Training/Drilled/ 3 Sizes